Shopping as a Sport

th_shoppingCAE28RNL The definition of sport is physical activity engaged in for pleasure. That sounds exactly like shopping to me, although shopping tends to be more intense. There is no denying that it truly is a sport. The adrenaline rush, the constant hunt, the feeling of accomplishment and victory after, I imagine this is how the Spartan’s felt after a battle won. We all love a good bargain coupled with an excuse to get out of the house, it’s simply heaven.

   This sport is usually more for women but lately more and more men have been drawn to this long time activity. A good thing about the sport of shopping is that anyone can do it. Men, women, young and old, anyone needing a good workout and having money to burn can be a shopper. The questions is are you willing to endure the long lines, searching from store to store, and losing the item you just can’t live without because it has sold out. Black Friday or the day after Thanksgiving is our Superbowl. This is the most intense, gut wrenching, yet, exciting day of the year for a shopper. This day starts as early as 4am and may not end until late into the evening.

     Shopping takes a lot of planning and research when you are after something you really desire. You can not just walk in and out of a store and have what you want, for the price you want to pay. You have to look tirelessly through page upon page of sales papers and magazines, before you truly know what you want. Taking notes of items that catch your eye and you may be interested in. Then once you speed walk mile after mile from store to store you are now able to determine that the item you saw at the 1st store is, in fact, the item you want. This part of the sport tends to aggravate, rather irritate, the casual spectator who joins us on your shopping excursion (usually a husband or a wife). Not unlike other sports, after this activity is over a shopper will be sore and be feeling it the next day. In this activity you have to be mentally and physically ready before you can compete on a shopping day with the hoards of other shoppers out. This is not for the faint of heart, you may find yourself in a puddle of tears at the bathroom or shouting and giving high fives out in victory at the car. Be prepared and let’s all just try and have a good time.

     The sheer joy of the whole experience is hard to express, bliss is a good word. Nothing can lift the spirits like a successful day out shopping. With one swipe of a card, you can go from having a bad day to loving life. So how bout skipping the gym and doing your workout at the local retail stores. One day shopping just may be added as an Olympic category. See you at the finish line…errr…the checkout linesmile_wink

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5 thoughts on “Shopping as a Sport

  1. I find myself shopping when I have a fight with my husband. I think it must the fact that I need to feel better and buying myself a new pair of shoes (and I have plenty) makes me feel a lot better. They say that shopping is like sex for women it releases endorphines in the brain and makes us feel good. Would probably save a whole lot of money if I opted for the sex instead of the shopping. 🙂 I know my husband at the very least would be happier!

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