4 Simple Ways to Lose a Guy

There are many sites and articles that teach us how to start dating, how to get a guy, how to keep our husbands or couple happy…but have you notice how there are really few articles about how to lose a guy?
I know there are never definite rules that will always work, but there are a few techniques that can help you get rid of a guy you don’t want to keep dating in a polite way and that sometimes even without us trying make us lose a guy we actually want.
-Bringing a friend to the dates. I’m not talking about a double date, just about bringing one of your girlfriends to every date, with an excuse or just without announce it. You’ll notice how your guy will little by little lose interest in you, and since you wont have any intimate or alone time with him, he’ll get tired of trying and will soon either try to double date or to get rid of your friend, so you have to be always alert.
-Being late to the dates. Men value their time, so if you are going to be late, they expect at least a call or a message warning, not to stay there like an idiot waiting for 30 an hour and then you just arriving like if nothing happened. Men understand that women need to always be a little late, but there’s a limit to the late frame, so be aware of that and if you are trying to piss him off, just arrive 40 minutes to an hour late to every date.
-Not saying, “thanks” and “I’m sorry”. Is always polite to say “Thanks” after a nice dinner, or after a date, so if you want to lose a date, just forget about saying “thanks” for the nice date, for the nice dinner, the nice drinks or just the nice flower outside the restaurant. If you just forget about saying “I’m sorry” after arriving late to your dates or just after having your drink all split on his new t-shirt, then is almost sure that you’ll lose that date you have been trying to get rid of for so long.
-Make impolite comments about him. Making really mean or impolite comments about him, his family, his country, his religion or simply his behavior, will certainly make that guy run away from you as soon as he has a chance. Just make sure you really want to lose him, because getting back those bad comments is way harder than start saying “I’m sorry” or just arrive on time.
As I mentioned before, there are not specific rules for losing a guy, and even if you make all of these mistakes, is probably that he still likes you so much that he decides to forget it and just start dealing with you.
I hope that instead of playing games you decide to just say it to his face, but if you are a little bit shy and decide to let him know just with your actions, then start acting now. If on the other hand, you don’t want to lose him and just make all those mistakes by accident (like me), then is time to pay more attention to your actions.
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5 thoughts on “4 Simple Ways to Lose a Guy

  1. ok well i was just looking at this because i think my girlfriend is trying to get me to break up with her but come on i have heard some thing that would really just make a guy happy why dont you just try to be best friends with there best friend that is what my gf is doing

  2. the guy i am currently dating is unbelievable…he doesnt like it when i hang out with my ugy friends…he calls me every minute asking questions like “who are yo with?” or “are you home yet?”…and well we all ahve feelings so im just looking for the right way to lose him…i think using these techniques are better than facing him and sharing tears..but i just feel that i need to move on with my life and he moves on with his..!!!!!!

    1. i find myself in the same spot. my sisters kept telling me that he loves me and thats why he kept calling even after i tell him that im in class. but i think facing him is the best way..so that he would understand, and maybe he would change. we girls needs to feel loved from our partners, and maybe thats his way of showing it. and right after i post this im going to talk to my partner about how i feel.

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