"Buy what you want, Beg for what you need"

shopping10 My grandmother used to always say there are some people who will always be in “need” . She would say these same people are the ones who will be best dressed but have their lights cut off. Everything is “for show” when it comes to how they are seen by others. They care more about their outward appearance than they do anything else. The ones who would rather spend the last of their money on a new outfit than on groceries or keeping the water on.

I know I have met these kinds of people many times in my life. Every time I see or am in their company I think of this saying. It really blows my mind to think that their really are people like this in the world. I admit when I was younger I never put any thought into this. But as I get older I have become more and more aware of the fact that people can really be selfish. I am glad that this kind of thought was beat into me (literally) at a young age, it has made me a better person. A more sensitive, self-aware, giving person. I never wanted to be referred as someone who “buy what you want, and beg for what you need“. In other words, you buy whatever you desire and then beg someone else to pay your bills.

It amazes me when I see a woman with her nails, hair, and make-up looking incredible, then she asks me (who is in my jeans, T-shirt, and hair in a ponytail) for money to pay her electric or gas bill. Even more incredible is the fact that she is coming out of the beauty salon when she asks smile_omg! I admit, I do love nice things but I must, I repeat must, have all my bills taken care of or else I could never enjoy those nice things, too much stress for me.

Nice things are just that, nice things. Responsibility is a part of life you should never be lacking in. So I ponder, at what cost are those nice things worth? Are they worth having your bare necessities taken away from you just to appear “well-off” or “in fashion”?

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