Going to the beach!

Yesterday several of my church mates went to the beach for a much needed overnight break. I would have wanted to come as I needed a break as well but it was such on a short notice and I had many tasks left to accomplish. Furthermore, they were going to a semi-remote place that I highly doubt has the Wi-Fi connection I could have used to catch up on work.

So there I was left at home, finding myself reflecting on past beach outings and the perks and wonders of going to the beach. I may have been left behind for now, but the summer season is just starting. After this month’s madness of work and school, I will party with a vengeance. 😛 For now, here are some of the reasons why I simply love going to the beach and the perks of it:

1. Breathing in nature. First and foremost, it is a change of view from the computer screen. I understand why some women think of their laptops or computers as their “boyfriends”, because they spend a lot more time with it than with anyone else. Going to the beach allows you to temporarily tear apart from your “boyfriend” and all the stress and pressure that accompany “him”. 😛 Seeing the blue majestic seas instead of traffic jams and beach umbrellas instead of cubicles is almost enough rejuvenation. Unless you work near the waters, obviously the beach is a direct relaxing contrast to what we always see in our daily lives.

2. Physical benefits! Going to the beach often entail some kind of activity. Unless you simply want to lounge by the sand and watch the scenery, the beach is the perfect place to flex some muscles by swimming or playing sports like volleyball. We all know how incorporating much needed physical activities in busy lifestyles can be very difficult. Going to the beach allows me to relax and reactivate at the same time.

3. Appreciating God’s creations. Sometimes I get too immersed with the daily pressures of life that I tend to be cynical and jaded and forget that there are still a lot of things to appreciate in this world. Seeing the beauty of God’s creations never fails to be a great reminder. 😉


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