Meditation Techniques

As I posted a few days ago, meditation has a very good effect on our physical and mental health. There are definitely many different kinds of meditations, but what is really important is that we learn to practice meditation the right way. I’ll be introducing some of this meditation techniques in this and some other posts in the future, but I’ll always advice you not to try it by yourself, is better to find a meditation partner or just an instructor. There are many gyms that offer meditation classes so it would be better to start with a group.
Today I want to introduce you to the RAJA YOGA MEDITATION PHILOSOPHY.
The basis of this meditation philosophy is to understand the self and the mind. And the human mind as the most creative, powerful and wonderful “instrument” we posses.
According to this philosophy, our thoughts flow from the sub conscious to the conscious mind and our feelings and emotions come in accordance with the montage of thoughts flowing in our mind.
Our subconscious contains all our previous thoughts from previous experiences, so it is very important to learn to control the flow of thoughts from our conscious mind.
This meditation exercise only takes around 15 minutes, so you can practice it daily in the mornings to have a positive effect during the entire day.
The first thing you should do in the morning is to have the thought: “I’m a peaceful soul, my aim today is to radiate peace to every person that I come in contact with”
While you are repeating this thought in your mind, try to experience the stillness of mind if being a peaceful soul. If other thoughts come to your mind, just don’t focus on them and focus on repeating some affirmations like:
-I am a peaceful soul.
-My mind if filled with peace.
-I radiate peace to the world.
-I feel the gentle waves of peace flowing across my mind.
-As these peaceful thoughts emerge in my mind I feel the stillness and silence envelopes my mind.
-I’m a peaceful and loving soul.
-My mind feels light and free from worries.
-I realize my real nature is peace.
-Peaceful thoughts flow through the mind and I feel the self-becoming light.
-I am a being of light shining like a star.
-I radiate peace and light to the world.
-The light and peace envelopes me and the waves of peace and light shine like a lighthouse.
-This is a wonderful journey of self-discovery.

You can learn even more about this meditation technique at Free Meditations website.
And keep coming for more meditation techniques in a few days.
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