What does the look of your eyes mean?

In a recent post I talked about taking care of our eyes. One of the important ways to take care of our eyes is to know the meaning of how they look. I’m not talking about the manner of how you look at people; it’s about the actual appearance of the eyes and the condition of your vision. Here’s what experts say about what the “look” of our eyes mean:

Puffy Eyes. Puffy eyes usually mean something is irritating your eyes. Maybe an insect bit them in your sleep. Or it could mean you are lacking water because of your high salt intake. Likewise, puffy eyes can also result from too much stress. For instance, my eyes always become puffy whenever I cry, even for the shortest time. It sucks that I can never hide it because my eyes are always a giveaway. But I think I’d rather have puffy eyes from crying than due to an alarming cause, such as high blood pressure. Go here to find out more about the causes and treatment of puffy eyes.

Yellow Eyes. While most eyes generally turn yellowish with age, you can speed up the process if you eat a lot of fat and salt and not much of the good stuff like fruits and veggies. Having yellowish eyes doesn’t necessarily affect the sight, but I doubt anyone would want yellow eyes in replace of lovely blue-green or jet-black peepers. Especially if the yellow eyes signal something serious, like jaundice, hepatitis, or other disturbing factors.

Blurring Vision. Blurring can be caused by long- and shortsightedness, which can be treated by wearing the proper glasses. It can also be triggered by reading in moving vehicles or staring too much at the computer. But there could be more serious roots, such as diabetes, high blood pressure, and deeper eye problems. Next time your vision gets blurred, make sure it’s just about the glasses and not a more serious thing.

Double Vision. Had too many beers? Then don’t be surprised if you see two doors, two light posts, and two cars looking exactly the same. Unfortunately, some causes of double vision are way more serious than alcohol. Double vision or diplopia can also signal diabetes or brain damage. If you’re seeing double even when you’re not drunk, better make sure you get to the bottom of it and get the right treatments.

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