What kind of purse do you carry?

louisvuitton2 Have you ever took notice of someone’s purse and wondered what that person may be like? The state and type of purse a woman carries can tell alot about what type of person she is. Is she organized, prepared for the unexpected, a disorganized free spirit, or a little of both? With a little examination, you can easily dissect someone’s personality.

If you were to take a look in mine you would guess, from my brightly colored tote bag, that I was creative, approachable and fun loving. The seemingly chaotic contents, you would find, are completely organized for me and full of hidden treasures. My cell phone and a package of sweeties are readily available, right next to my lip gloss. There are many different types of personalities as well as purses to match them.

The tote is a fun loving person. A shoulder bag boasts fashionable practicality, while the backpack is casual practicality. An oversized purse is a practical person who rarely changes purses, she may carry her whole life in this bag. The clutch bag carrier is someone who is confident and not afraid to let someone else hold their items that won’t fit in this small purse. Small, under the shoulder bags implies sophistication and class, usually office workers tend to carry this bag. The cigar box is someone who is comfortable in their own skin and wants to stand out in the crowd. You can guess at what the sleek designer purse shows. It shows someone who tends to be a handful and high maintenance. They are very fashion conscience.

Take a close look at your purse and the state it is in, what does it say about you?

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