7 Ways To Fake Confidence

We’ve all read books and articles and heard advices on how to build confidence, how to believe in yourself, and the like. But the truth is, no matter how secure we are in general or no matter how prepared we are, there will always be certain situations that will make us shake and tremble with nervousness, be it an important interview, a public speech, a business meeting, or other difficult situations.

The good news is, even if your confidence level is zero at the moment, there are ways to alleviate the situation and increase the chance of getting what you want despite your nerves. Here are some tips I got from a few websites that I incorporated with my own. 🙂

1. Smile a lot. This does not mean you should grin foolishly or smile so brightly. Smile at the right moments, or at least keep a pleasant face. Frowning or having a negative aura on the face is one quick sign of insecurity.

2. Look at people levelly in the eye. When you look at people in the eyes, it gives the impression that you feel at par with them. Averting your eyes and not meeting anyone’s gaze implies you are scared or hiding something.

3. Speak slowly and steadily. Many people (like me) tend to ramble or speak in a quick manner when nervous, which showcases the nerves even more.

4. Listen. Listening to whoever is speaking or talking to you shows you are interested and focused on what is being said, and not absorbed with your own thoughts or worries. Furthermore, taking time to stop speaking gives you more time to think.

5. Hide trembling parts of the body. When you know your knees and your hands are always a dead giveaway, hide them if you can. For instance, wear pants instead of skirts that show the knees. If you need not hold anything during the meeting or interview, place your hands inside your pockets of firmly on your lap.

6. Stay away from stimulants. Before the important meeting or speech, do not smoke or drink stuff like coffee as these can make you more jumpy.

7. Use humor. One way to quickly diffuse tension, even if it is just on your part, is to say a few jokes in good taste. However, keep it light and relevant to the topic. Do not attempt to be an instant stand up comedian even if the laughter boosts your ego and lessens the nerves. Use a bit of humor but never forget your objective. 😉

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