"Look Thinner, Dress Thinner"

Picture-1-19 Did you know you can look thinner by dressing correctly for your weight. It’s as easy as wearing clothes not too baggy or too tight. Even if you are trying to lose weight, wear clothes that fit your body right now. It makes you feel better and look smaller.  Updating your hairstyle can make you look younger and thinner. Long boring hair does nothing for you, so get a trim and a new style and you’ll feel and look so much better.

     A good bra will make you look more fit and thinner. Big breasts can make you look bigger than you actually are so you need to wear a bra that will give you support and elevation, it will definitely make you look smaller. The slimmest part of every woman’s body is right under her breasts. So accentuate this by wearing fitted fabrics in this area and a push up bra. Empire waist dresses and shirts look fabulous for this reason. If you have big arms, wear something loose at the arm. Steer clear of anything fitted or elastic at the arm area, it never helps.

     One tone jeans can slim down a leg. Never wear tapered leg or flare cut, instead buy boot cut. This will give you a more symmetrical appearance. Please, avoid belts and anything else you want to tie around your waist to make you look smaller. It doesn’t work! Simplicity is key, be simple and look smaller.  Elastic waist pants will always add more pounds to how you look and never wear pants with pleats in the front. Big bright colors and patterns can hide a multitude of problem areas, like love handles. Patterns fool the eye. Dressing in one color can slim the look of your body. It elongates and makes you appear taller and slimmer. V-necks, are slimming so unbutton your shirt a little to create a V. Pencil skirts can do everything for your shape. They make you look slimmer and more put together.

     If you have bulges, wear minimizers to smooth you out and help suck you in. Body slimmer’s can make a huge difference, even if you are smaller with just a few trouble spots, why not get a quick fix now. They make your body look amazing, just make sure you get the right size or they can do the opposite.  Make sure your bra straps are not too tight, this causes rolls and bulges. 

      Shoes can also make you appear smaller. Wear shoes that accentuate your legs and ankles. If you have thick calves wear boots that come up higher and that are not tight on your calves. You want the boot to fall right above the calf and be slightly big at the top of the boot. If you do have a big calf, always buy pull on boots. Beware of sneakers if you have big ankles, find a backless sneaker and it will make your ankle look slimmer because you can see the whole back of the foot, instead of just a pudgy ankle. My personal favorite way to look slimmer, is to wear heels. Wear them whenever you can, the higher the heel the slimmer you will look. They also give you an amazing looking calf.

You are after a good fit for your body. Clothes that are too tight do nothing for your shape, you aren’t showing off anything but a bad shape. Baggy clothes aren’t hiding your trouble spots they are hiding you and making you look double or triple your size. Don’t be too shy to try on clothes in stores. Always try on before you buy, and don’t be afraid to return if you get it home and it doesn’t fit well.

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3 thoughts on “"Look Thinner, Dress Thinner"

  1. As well as disguising bad parts, it is good to accentuate the good parts. If the eye is drawn to the good area, the not so good areas recede. For instance, if you have nice feet wear eye catching shoes.

  2. Great Ideas, Judith. Accentuating the good parts is a very good way to keep the attention where you want it, On your positives!!!

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