Our Image Starts from Within

How we feel about ourselves is the image we project to others. With that in mind, let’s talk about a way to project a positive image for this Mother’s Day. Whether you are planning an evening out with your kids or a special dinner at home, preparing for Mother’s Day should start in the quiet of your own surroundings with these simple steps:

  1.  Prep your canvas: Without a properly prepped canvas, your make-up application will look good at best. Let’s go for fantastic! Start preparing for your evening with NutriMinC® RE9® REgain Illuminating Enzyme Peel. This product has Alpha Hydroxy Acids which help renew cells, firm the skin and give the appearance of smoother lines. Sloughing off dead skin cells is a great start to a refreshed, glowing complexion. Now, follow up with your skin care system to complete the preparation process.
  2. Prime your canvas: Try Virtual Illusion Makeup Primer to tone, smooth and minimize the visual appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. Apply with a cosmetic wedge and allow the primer to dry completely before proceeding with the make-up application. This primer will extend the life of your make-up while visually minimizing enlarged pores. Primers are a must-have in your make-up kit!
  3. Apply foundation: Using Line Defiance Makeup, apply foundation with a cosmetic wedge in the ‘T’-Zone. Using a very light concealer, highlight your bone structure (cheekbones, bridge of the nose and across the chin), then blend and set with a loose powder. Now, emphasize your contours using the No Sun Intended, Bronzing Powder. Remember that a highlight brings an area forward and a contour causes an area to recede. When planning your make-up for an evening event, you need to go for the gusto! This is simple to do – just use a heavier hand when applying your contours.
  4. For the eyes: Try the ‘Smokey’ eye technique from my DVD, Impact Your Image. This is truly an elegant, classic look for a special evening! Focus on using darker shadows (i.e. Inkling, Smudge, and Charade About Face Eye Shadow’s) to enhance your eyes and add a touch of drama. But you’re not done yet… to top off the Smokey eye for a special evening, you MUST apply false eyelashes! Try the individual lashes from a drug store in a medium or long length. If the idea of applying individual lashes gives you hives, buy full lashes and cut them in half. Be sure to apply mascara to your own lashes BEFORE you apply the false eyelashes. (Side Note: NEVER apply mascara to false eyelashes.)
  5. Now – go for the finale! Top off the look with a neutral lip. Remember, eyes OR lips… you choose which you want to emphasize. Try Twig or Illusion About Face Lipstick and overlay the lipstick with Copper About Face Sheer Shine lip gloss.

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