Plus sized and beautiful

We have all heard the saying “Big, Bold and Beautiful”, well it is true. Big is beautiful, if anyone tells you otherwise they are lying. I have seen many big people who look amazing and I never notice, until told, how big they really are. Just because you are bigger than what society considers normal does not mean you are not gorgeous and can’t Strut your Stuff like the rest of ’ sized The key is to KNOW you are Fabulous (be self confident). Then dress your body, don’t let your body dress you. You pick clothes that flatter you, don’t think you can’t wear anything until you try it on. You just might be surprised at what looks good on you. In our heads we all see ourselves one way, whether a good or bad self image is up to you.

     You should always carry yourself with an aire of confidence. Just feeling confident makes you look more attractive. If you don’t have a lot of confidence practice being confident…repeat to yourself that you are beautiful and gorgeous and you will start to believe it too! Fake it til you make it! Put on your make up and more than just sweats to leave the house. There are so many styles and fashions for people of all sizes there is no reason not to look great, no matter what size you may be and where you are going. Take a look at all the beautiful plus sized models and you will see, Plus Sized is definitely Beautiful. I, for one, am happy that people are becoming more and more comfortable with themselves and the view of beauty is changing from “skinny minnies” to normal everyday people.

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One thought on “Plus sized and beautiful

  1. I am happily finding more and more ads with plus size models in them. I think that many manufacturers are realizing that a majority of their customers are not a size 0. I believe that as long as you are happy with who you are, and live an honest good life, that’s really what it’s all about.

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