Quick Breath Fresheners

Want to freshen your breath after a dinner date but hate to go to the comfort room and keep your special date waiting? Certain herbs, it seems, are specially made for women and men to surreptitiously freshen their breaths after dining.

One such wonder herb that is famous for quick breath freshening is the seemingly useless parsley. Contrary to what some people think that it is just a decorative ingredient, parsley has a high chlorophyll content that diffuses “bad toxins” in the mouth that causes odor. What’s also great about parsley is that it’s easy to chew and doesn’t taste too bad. Parsley can also be dipped in vinegar before chewing and swallowing to double the effect.

Other great remedies to bad breath are cloves with its antiseptic properties and peppermint tea. Actually, taking herbal teas, fruits, and vegetables after a meal of bad breath culprits like cheese, meat and garlic works wonders to tainted breath. Just make sure to chew, eat or drink some greens after your pizza or steak and you’ll be fine.

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