Spring Cleaning

Yesterday was Easter, which officially means to me, Spring Cleaning time. This is not just meant for house but for you. It is now the time to clean out old make up and get rid of clothes you no longer wear and put away winter clothes. Time to switch from winter make-up and skin care rituals to spring summer make up and skin care routines.

A good place to start is getting a tinted moisturizer. For the warmer months you want to go as minimal as possible and make up in warn tones. If you must wear a foundation try a powder or a bronzer to even skin tone and end it with a light translucent powder, Mineral Powder is great and has an spf of 15. A little blush and mascara should finish the job for a casual summer day. Eye shadows in a gold shimmer look perfect in the summer months, apply a little on cheekbones and under brows for a beautiful glow. Remember that you will be sweating in the summer and with the sunlight you don’t want to look caked on by using too much make up.

Need a good skin care ritual? I love my favorite companies products for anti-aging, it has everything you need for day and night. It is an anti-aging product so perfect for any trouble areas you may have. Make sure that you keep moisturized during the summer months and keep your face cleaned to help prevent breakouts. If you sweat or tend to get oily during the day, carry Clean & Clear Oil Absorbing sheets to blot your face through out the day. These will remove excess oil without smudging your make up.

Spring and Summer are great times to experiment with different colors and fashion styles. Think about what all you want to do to get ready for the summer months and start doing it right now. Whether you want to have clearer skin or dress better, get started now. Clean out all your old make up and start brand new and re-evaluate your wardrobe. Let’s get ready to have a fun and fruitful summer and look good while doing it!!

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