The Men We Don’t Want

Women are all different; we all like different kinds of men. But in general there are always a few characteristics that women don’t like in men.

We don’t want needy men. Is sweet to feel that a man needs us on his life, but is just unacceptable a needy man who “can’t live” without us. We don’t like men who want all our attention and affection. We want men who can give us also affection, a man who is confident and secure, that can take care of us.
We don’t want men who can’t take a break up. This might seems like if we are looking too much into the future, or that we are already predicting a bad ending, but a man’s reaction to a break up, says a lot about his personality and behavior. Is very nice to have a man who suffers from a break up, but is not a good sign a guy to just stop living when a woman decides to break up with him. I’ve seen some of my male friends getting destroyed, devastated by a break up, some of them want the woman to feel sorry for them, they act miserable, sick or depressed. I don’t mean to be harsh and I know some women do the same, but be aware of a man who can’t take a break up.
We don’t want a jealous man. To me is very sweet when a man feels a little bit jealous, that means he is afraid to lose you and that he cares about you. But there’s a difference between that simple jealousy and the sick kind of jealousy. I can’t accept a man who doesn’t let me talk to any other man, who doesn’t let me go out alone, who checks my emails and phone calls, that wants me to stay home all day. I’m sure that many women don’t want that either, so we have to be aware of early signals that our guy is the jealous type. If since your first date he is constantly asking you: “who were you talking to?”; if he insists on having your email password, if he checks your cloths every time you go out, think carefully before is too late.

We don’t want an abusive man. This specific topic have been talked about many times, but is still one of the most common mistakes we women make, we ignore and accept abusive men. I’m not talking about all women, but I know of many women who think they deserve to be hit or punished by their boyfriends and husbands. If you are like me who don’t want to accept a man to mistreat us, then you should also be aware of the early signals of an abusive man. First signal is usually the previous entry “jealous men”. Most extremely jealous men end up being abusive to their couples. Men with anger management problems usually tend to be abusive. If you realize that your guy usually loses his temper with other people, even if he hasn’t started with you yet, you should always watch that you might be the next victim.

If you are not completely sure of what kind of man you don’t want in your life, then start by readying what kind of man you DON’T want in your life. That way you can start by discriminating all man who enters in those categories. I don’t want to be too strict, but we women should love ourselves and find the right guy for us. We need guy that makes us happy and treats us like princesses.
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