Dorm Living on a Budget

I love Fengshui and decorating ideas. Even on a low budget I always try to change my room decoration according to my mood, to the season or just according to the last soap opera I watched. I love oriental details so I was planning to change my room decoration to an oriental style.

Living in a dorm, in a small room with a roommate does not make it easy to drastically change my room decoration, so I decided to try doing it little by little.

Oriental decoration is very popular lately and I guess it is because people think about oriental decorations themes as cozy, soothing and relaxing, so it’s ideal for bedrooms.

I realized that I don’t need to spend a lot of money in a room decoration, sometimes with small things, small details we can create the oriental atmosphere we want. With little touches over your room you can reduce your stress levels every time you go to your room.

Here are a few simple tips that you can use to change your room decorating style:

TIP 1: Add textures or patterned wallpapers, or paint your room with darker and more elegant colors. Oriental decorating styles are intricate and ornate so you should never opt for plain colors, especially not plain white color. Rice papered walls or bamboo textures can help you give a nice neutral decorating base to your room. If you are afraid of trying textures or if you don’t really want to commit to just one color, try earthy tones first to get use to the idea.

TIP 2: Change your bright wattage bulbs to lower wattage ones. Oriental style is all about games with lights and shades. Lowering your lamps wattage will help get a more intimate and peaceful feeling to your room. If you are not completely comfortable with the idea, then you can just install a dimmer switch, that way you’ll be able to adjust the lights in your room as desired. To add more oriental style to your lamps you can also ass oriental designs touches by putting new lamps shades on or simply by draping some oriental style fabric over the existing one.

TIP 3: Work on darkening your furniture. Wood furniture works amazingly with an oriental style bedroom theme, but black works very well too. If you are on a low budget and decide to just use existing furniture, then consider refinishing it with a black lacquer.

TIP 4: Add flowers and nature details. For a nicer oriental touch to your room decoration, try putting a small tabletop stone fountain, plenty of exotic flowers, if you don’t have time to buy natural flowers often, then silk flowers can work perfectly. Try also wall hanging and art prints with oriental scenes. You can buy them or get them from Internet.

TIP 5: Add oriental design floor rugs. This is probably the most important detail in an oriental style room, floor rugs in oriental designs are very popular. You can buy one and put it on the floor or drape oriental lap blankets over stools and sitting chairs.
As you can see, it might just take a few adjustments to change your room decoration style.
Do you have any other decoration ideas?

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