Inexpensive Decorating Ideas

As I wrote in my previous post, oriental style decorations and very popular this days. But if you are just thinking on redecorating your rooms in a easy and cheap way, here are some other few tips that might help you change your room looks exactly with the same furniture and elements your have right now.

STEP 1: Move your furniture. Sometimes just changing your bed or chair’s place in your room, can make it look completely different. Rearranging the furniture can make your room look completely different. You can try putting your bed in a corner, this will give your room a more homey, intimate and elegant touch.

STEP 2: Change the look of your walls. You might think that painting your walls is the easiest way to change your room look, but apart from painting or adding new coat to your room, you can also put up some attractive wallpaper border or stencil some designs on as a border instead. If you wish to create a more elegant, rich and old-fashioned look, you should try placing the wallpaper borders around the middle area instead of on the top of the wall.

STEP 3: Change your bed’s feeling. Your bed is usually the center of attention in your bedroom, so if you want your room to look different, then is necessary that your bed look different too. You can buy new comforters, duvets or bedspread. Add some pillows or cushions in different sizes and colors. If you can’t buy a whole new set of sheets and pillow shams, then just get one or two items at a time.

STEP 4: Decorate your walls. I’m not talking about the colors or borders now, but about the pictures, prints or posters on your wall. You can change completely your room style by hanging a few framed prints on your wall. You can use photographs, artworks or posters.

STEP 5: Add some natural and green touches. You can put out vases of silk flowers or floral greenery. You don’t need to create complicated floral arrangements, just buy a pretty vase, glass or jar if you don’t have any. They are usually cheap and even easy to make, my roommate and I created a very nice on out of an empty bottle of water. We first cut it as desired, add some colorful scotch tape to the border and painted the bottle in very lively colors. The result was amazing and the bottle was the center of attention in my room for every visit, so if you are creative, then make your own vase that you can change every week.

STEP 6: Add lamps to your room. Bedside lamps give a cozy feeling to your room, they are usually cheap and easy to decorate. You can buy a plain color one and cover it with some red or colorful cloths. They don’t need to be perfect, I tried before and they really worked. I would change the cloth color every once in a while to change the mood of the room and it works perfectly.

I hope this few easy steps can help you redecorate your room using the same furniture and elements that you have right now, if you have any question or other decorating suggestions, we’d love to hear them.
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