Applying Mineral Makeup

People might wonder, “Why mineral makeup? Why should I choose it over regular makeup and how do I apply it?” There are numerous reasons why mineral makeup is better than regular makeup. Mineral makeup has loads of minerals and can be like a vitamin cocktail for your face and skin. It contains hypoallergenic power that is made up of magnesium, zinc, gold and titanium.Women can now get the refreshed look they would have after a makeover at the spa and they can even sleep in the makeup as it is healthy for the skin. It minimizes crows feet and wrinkles, whereas, regular foundations can enhance the wrinkles. Mineral makeup is being marketed just like organic food has been marketed. There is a massive demand for natural based personal products and using natural ingredients from the earth.

This makeup has dramatically reduced the risk of acne problems and allergic rashes and reactions amongst many women. It contains no alcohol, perfumes, or other chemicals and is the safest makeup on the market for our skin. The fashion and cosmetic industry has jumped on the opportunity to use and market these new mineral based makeup products.

This miracle makeup contains an ingredient that even protects our skin from sun damage, future wrinkles and sun spots. Major makeup companies are getting involved with mineral makeup such as Maybelline, Milani, Cover Girl and Revlon to name a few. It is very important to apply mineral makeup to get the full effects of it. Here are four steps to help you apply mineral makeup properly.

1. Make sure your face is completely clean of any oils and dirt. You can even do an exfoliation beforehand to completely purify your skin and then apply a facial cream to soften your skin. The cream acts as a soft base before you apply any mineral makeup.

2. Choose a foundation or Kabuki brush and apply just enough of foundation on your face, neck and t-zones. Blend in the foundation with the color of your skin and keep it light. Cover all areas of your face for a nice even, fresh look.

3. Apply some eye liner now and then use your Kabuki brush to dust off any extra foundation powder. If needed, dab your finger into your foundation and cover little blemishes, dark circles and spots.

4. Apply blush, eye shadow and mascara after the foundation has settled. Now place some lip liner on your lips and then lipstick. Do not apply the lipstick too heavily and keep it looking natural. Use soft colors and the right shade of foundation depending on your skin color.

Now that you have applied all of your mineral makeup, take a look in the mirror. If you find you have any problem with your finished project then use a Q-tip or cotton stick to make minor adjustments. If you have any shine on your face use a tissue to blot it. You will now have a fresh look with a healthy glow that is great for your skins health.

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