Weight Loss Anyone?

There are many issues that go into dieting and many more reasons why dieting does not always answer the weight loss questions. Here is a simple guide to weight loss that I have found success with in the past.

ATTITUDE Have a new attitude if past attempts at weight loss have not proven successful. The reasons you diet are going to make or break you. Most dieters are doing it for n event in their life, a wedding, a high school reunion, etc., but the best motivators are those that come from within. The typically require a long term commitment. For example, avoidance of diabetes and other health related issues, more energy for you children, better self image. The problem with those external motivators is that once you reach that goal, it is gone and then the weight whether you like it or not is usually back on.

EAT BREAKFAST: There is a reason they say breakfast is the most important meal of the day. A recent study published by the Journal of Epidemiology found that those people who skipped breakfast were 450% more likely to be obese. They found that the more people ate in the morning, the less they ate throughout the day. People who ate cereal had less body mass than those who had a meat of some type during breakfast. Make time to eat breakfast, it can help you keep the weight off off lose it altogether!

ENERGY: Some people complain that dieting makes them tired and zaps their energy level throughout the day. If this is the case it is because they are not eating enough protein throughout their day. Start your day off with 3 egg white, did you hear that EGG WHITE. Forgo the yolks as they contain a high amount of fat. Scramble some eggs along with some sauted veggies in a tablespoon of olive oil. If you are consuming less then 1200 calories a day, the minimum requirement for women then you are going to become fatigued. A reduction of calories (less then 1200) makes it hard for your body to metabolise the food it takes in and then the body goes into self preservation mode and starts burning calories at a slower level. Also another top reason to eat 3 meals, low in empty carbs (refined sugar and white flour) and high in protein, and at least 2 healthy snacks per day. When choosing crabs make sure they are HIGH FIBER CARBS. Keep the blood sugar at an optimum level throughout the day and your body burns more, so YES I am telling you to EAT MORE but be healthy about it.

INDULGENCE: Sometimes it is hard to avoid the foods we love because they are “bad for us”. People tend to feel compelled to eat more of them before they start dieting, or are tempted too often when they are dieting because those foods are on the no-no list. Instead of avoiding that food altogether, if you can have some restrain, eat those foods, but eat them sparingly and reward yourself every once in a while (that means not all the time and not everyday ladies and gents) with that food. Just take a small amount of of the packaging and out the rest away and eat only that small amount and DO NOT GO BACK FOR MORE. Take a picture of yourself in a bathing suit and stick on your fridge door for added support.

WRITE IT DOWN: Writing down all the food you eat in a day really helps with dieting. Its amazing what we find ourselves eating if we write it down. When we review the list we are sometimes amazed that we ate what we did and feel badly about it. Just be aware of what you are eating and make yourself responsible for writing it down. You will eat less when you see how much of that chocolate cake you devoured for breakfast.

OVEREATING: If you really have trouble with that urge to nosh, join a support group like weight watchers and just know that you are not alone in this battle.

EAT SLOWLY: I know that with kids hectic schedule things can be a rush rush all the time. I have three so I am talking from experience here. What I can tell you is that if you eat slower you will eat less. If you need to count the chews in one bite, then do that and count to 20. I know it sounds annoying but how badly do you want to lose that weight. Eating slower you tend also get fuller faster.

STRESS: If you are overwhelmed, and overworked, chances are you are also over weight. When your body is under physical attack or emotionally drained not only does it lower your immune system, it also makes you eat more. Under those conditions mentioned above, your body produces something called cortisol, a hormone that increases appetite, especially for high refines sugary foods and fat laden foods. This type of eating adds to the fat around your middle. The best defense is exercise! If stress has you down, find ways to alleviate it, maybe through yoga, meditation, find a way to relax and you will feel much better and eat less.

WATER: When was your last sip of water? I keep a bottle on my desk and make it a goal to drink at least 2 of them while in my office during the day (I drink more at other times during the day). Drinking water will remove toxins through your body at a faster pace, but contrary to popular belief, it WILL NOT boost your metabolism. Water is an awesome replacement for high sugary drinks and those vitamin waters that are so popular now. Read the labels on those things, you will be surprised at the sugar content in them. In order to get rid of the calories in a bottle of vitamin water, you have work out vigorously for 20 minutes!

If you have trouble drinking plain water, there is an excellent water on the market that I found at Whole Foods called METROMINT. It is minted water and comes in a variety of flavors. If you are not the mint type person, try making a flavored water yourself. You can take some fresh sliced cucumbers and add them to some chilled water for a great “spa like” flavored water. Add slices of oranges, lemons, limes, or even strawberries for a great flavor. For more ideas on flavored water check out this great site. I add a detox tea bag to bottled water and drink it cold or at room temperature and kill 2 birds with one stone, and it tastes great!

If you are hungry, or think you are, drink a full glass of water first. It may just make you feel the urge to eat less. I drink a full glass of water when I sit down to eat a meal before I eat. That fills me up faster and is much better for me then that piece of bread or dinner roll.

Gotta go fill up my water and jump on my treadmill! If you have any suggestions to h elp with weight loss share them with us, summer is right around the corner!

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24 thoughts on “Weight Loss Anyone?

  1. Thanks for sharing this well written article on the issues of weight loss. Stress is the number one contributor of so many health issues. Stress produces more of the fat hormone, insulin and makes it difficult to lose weight. Also, we are told that carbohydrates are important for our diets but no one tells us that overeating carbohydrates are also dangerous.

    If you are not a marathon runner, basketball player or athlete, overeating on carbohydrates cause you to store even more fat and your body’s response to use your stored fat is never triggered. The cycle of the bulge continues unsuccessfully and you become depressed and disillusioned.

    It’s important to incorporate exercise into your routine. I recently got referred to an ebook at click2loseweight that teaches you how to use food to lose weight. It shows that food does not have to be the “enemy” in your battle to achieve weight loss. If used correctly, food can actually be your assistant and you can relearn how to use your assistant wisely and to your advantage.

  2. mike, did u say will power in a bottle? I like that. Ive been reading through some of these comments. I deffinetly concur with most of the discussion, espcially about drinking water to aid weight loss. I actually am good friends with a guy who just started a company that is marketing a new bottle cap that twists onto bottle water and dispenses a natural weight loss aid formula into the water. Its a really cool product and he’s told me its supposed to really work–they have a preveiw of the product on their website: http://www.drinkyournutrition.com. I think http://www.drinkfresher.com works as well.

    Hope you find this as interesting as I did

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