The Apple of My Eye

Lest you think this entry is about someone I fancy or a brand of computer, well, I actually meant it a bit literally. (Though I love that brand as well. 😀 ) I love apples. As a child I hated it. I felt it was too bland and boring and I preferred other fruits like grapes and melons. It was only in recent years that I came to love apples and appreciate them for all they’re worth.

For one, apples are a great way to fill the stomach up without making you fat. Unlike other fruits, apples make me feel full and can serve as my breakfast, lunch or dinner. Another thing I like about apples is that they’re so versatile – I can combine them with lots of stuff in the ref or in the pantry. My favorite combination that takes no hassle at all to prepare is apple plus thick slices of milky cheese. I just love the fusion of the light sweetness and tanginess of the apple and the salty flavor of the cheese.

I read somewhere that apples are better stimulants than coffee, making it perfect for those late nights. Whether that’s true or not, I do feel more alert when I’m eating apples while working, and a bit more focused. It’s probably all those antioxidants perking me up.

Of course, there’s that famous saying, “An apple a day keeps the doctor away” and many variations of that adage but with the same thought. And it’s all with basis. Years and years of research have found that apples have so many health benefits; just check out this list. Apples were found to have components that could lower cholesterol level and reduce the risk of major diseases like such as cancers and diabetes.

Laboratory studies have also shown that apples help prevent neurological disorders such as Alzheimer and Parkinson’s Disease. There is a nutrient called quercetin in apples that provides protection against those ailments, more beneficial to people then Vitamin C, and known to combat neurodegenerative diseases in humans. Quercetin is a flavanoid which is a powerful antioxident that neutralizes harmful free radicals from the environment. If left unchecked, free radicals can cause cumulative cell damage leading to forms of cancer, Alzheimer, Parkinson and other forms of age related memory loss and neurological disorders. Quercetin is also found in onions, tea, blueberries and cranberries.

Having said these, the bottom line is, I really just love eating apples because I like the taste, it keeps me awake, and it doesn’t make me fat. But knowing that I am eating something healthy as well just about doubles the pleasure. 🙂

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