Things to like about Table Tennis

Yesterday I played table tennis with a friend. Meeting up for a final research paper, we decided to take a break for an hour and play in the table tennis center in the building.

After playing for about 20 minutes I realized how long it’s been since I last played and how fun it was. Though we have a table back home, it’s usually my dad, my brother, and their friends who use it. I seldom play with them because I hate playing with super competitive guys who like to bang and drive it all the time when I just wanted to have a fun time. 😀 But there I was yesterday, reacquainting myself to the sport and having the time of my life. I realized there are many benefits to playing table tennis, such as:

It’s a fun activity.

Table tennis is a social exercise, fostering a lot of camaraderie as you play face to face with your opponent(s). Furthermore, the basics of it are easy to learn. Of course being an expert and a professional player is a very different story, but if you just want to play some sport and have fun, table tennis one great activity. In addition, table tennis can be played by all types of people, regardless of age, width or height. It’s always a great bonding time for families, friends, and all sorts of groups because no one is left out as long as you know how to play.

It’s good for the brain and the heart.

Table tennis improves hand-eye coordination. Since the goal is to follow and hit the ball each time, there is increased mental awareness because you cannot play without being alert. According to this article from the Los Angeles Times, the mental workout associated with table tennis may even slow down normal cognitive decline and improve sense of balance. Furthermore, table tennis is a cardiovascular and aerobic work out. It increases the heart rate and makes use of the muscles of the back, arms, legs, and shoulders, enhancing the strengths of those areas with regular play.

It burns the calories!

Last but definitely not the least, table tennis is a great way to lose some fat. Playing a one-hour game burns about 300 calories, equal to 27 minutes on the treadmill, says the USATT Team League. I guess, the best thing about playing table tennis is that it is a work out session and a fun, bonding activity in one. Definitely time well spent.


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