Olive Oil

olive oil  Studies have shown that including olive oil in your diet can help with heart disease and colon cancer. It is also found to help lower cholesterol. Because it is a monounsaturated oil by substituting it in place of a saturated fat it can reduce blood pressure, inhibit the growth of some cancers, benefit people with and at risk of diabetes, lessen the severity of arthritis and asthma and it can actually help the body maintain a lower weight.There are 4 types of Olive Oil; Extra Virgin is the best, Virgin, Pure, and Extra Light is the least best. You always want to choose the least processed forms which are the Extra Virgin then the Virgin. It will last longer if kept in refrigerator otherwise it will become rancid.

     Olive can be used on skin and in hair. You can put straight olive oil (high quality cold pressed) on your skin as an oil and it will help combat aging. It generally won’t cause an allergic reaction. The oil absorbs very quickly and locks in moisture, it doesn’t leave a greasy film behind. People who suffer from oily skin should stay away from olive oil. Here are a few beauty treatments you can use high quality cold pressed olive oil for; four tablespoons full of olive oil warmed up slightly and mixed with sea salt can be used as a skin-tightening peel. It can be mixed together with lemon juice and used as an ideal overnight treatment for wrinkles You can also soak hands in warm olive oil, this makes them supple and is good for fingernails as well.

     There are more and more products on the market that contain olive oil. Natural cosmetics are in, it was only natural that olive oil surfaced in the beauty market. It is used in soaps, various beauty products, and in foods. This is just another of nature’s miracle products.

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