Super Vitamin To The Rescue

A few months ago I had gotten very ill with a flu and was stuck in bed for about 1 week. While that may not sound so terrible, try being sick with a high fever, chills and just an all around YUCK feeling with three kids needing you ALL OF THE TIME. Kind of like it would be if you were hit by a MAC truck! When I felt that this bug was coming on, I should have done as I have always done in the past, overdosed on Vitamin C, until my stomach hurt and a lot of echinacea to ward it off. But being crazed with schedules for the kids, I always out me last (moms do that all the time).

I began taking a multi vitamin, but after reading the ingredients I quickly realized that I would have to take it quite a few times during the day in order to get what is my recommended daily allowance. I can hardly remember to take a shower, how would I remember my vitamin?

I switched over to a Vitamin Power Pack that a few of my friends had been trying, and it was right under my nose the entire time. It was a Womens Daily Vitamin Pack from Arbonne International. They make these power packs for both men and women. I got a few samples from a friend for both me and my husband.

Being over our household bug, my husband and I started taking the vitamin power packs on a Friday and of course like most people were trying to see if we felt differently the next day. Surprising we did not feel better, we actually felt a little worse! We continued using the vitamins for the weekend and Sunday we felt even worse then we did on Saturday. I thought maybe we are allergic to something in them, not sure why that would be the case, so I did a bit of research.

What I found is that we were having a detox effect from starting this new vitamin regimen. Our body was ridding itself of toxins, this made sense to me because by Monday, this mom who had a tough time getting out of bed and feeling lethargic all day long, was actually full of energy and vigor. To the point that my kids knew something was different, because I actually made them a full breakfast with eggs, fresh fruit and freshly squeezed juice all before they even got up! I felt terrific, and have continued taking these powerful antioxident laden, vitamins ever since.

The power packs are some awesome they have everything in them that you can ever want in a vitamin. They contain a multivitamin tablet with core essential vitamins and support womens health, while the mens multi has a blend that helps with mens health. The power pack has a multimineral vitamin that helps in providing a great foundation for your bodys optimum well being. This is in both the men and womens power packs. They provide the women with 2 calcium plus D vitamins for critical bone support to fend off osteoporosis. Both men and womens pack has a Super Food Antioxident that contains all those veggies and fruits that we do not always remember or even like to eat. This most likely had been the culprit of our detox effect, combined with a digestive enzyme table that is in both the men and womens power packs.

Although there are 6 pills in the power packs, and I am the first person to say I HATE SWALLOWING PILLS, I have to say that these 6 pills I do not mind swallowing. They have provided me with such energy and such a great feeling of well being, not to mention helped in my weight loss by helping regulate my metabolism, that I cannot go without them. I no longer feel fatigued or stressed out by everyday things. I have more energy to keep up with my kids and their crazy schedules, and I feel so much better! Well worth taking!

You can check out more info on these vitamins at this site. They are Arbonnes daily power packs for women, and Arbonnes daily power packs for men. Did you take your vitamins today?

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