The Beautiful Eye

Makeup can do wonders for making us look flawless. We all want to look beautiful. The eyes are indeed the key. Eye makeup can change your look dramatically, whether you want to be seductive, shy, demure, or dramatic. The choice is yours and it is all within a color palette.

Not all eye s were created equal however, and what works for one person may not work for you. It all depends primarily on the shape of your eye.

Protruding or Bulging Eyes

eye-781677.jpgThe goal here is to recess the eyelid, from looking like it is protruding. Using a dark tone eyeshadow, blend it over the entire eyelid. Fade the color away from the eye socket. Apply an eyeliner along the top lid, and lightly smudge it. On the lower lid, draw eyeliner at the outer corner only and smudge softly. Apply a highlight color along the underside of your brow. Please do not use light or frosted colors on the eyelid, as this will make the eye pop further. With this eye shape, finish off with some navy or deep gray pencil on the inner rims to help make the eyeballs appear smaller.

Close Set Eyes

female_close.jpgThis type of eye needs a dark shadow blended into the outer half of the eye to give an illusion that they are further apart. Start by drawing your pencil out a little just above the natural eye crease. Then blend a strong color into the outer area. The inner top lid area can be left natural or a pale color can be applied. When applying mascara, brush your top lashes outwards, concentrating on the color with an extra coat on the outer lashes.

Wide Set Eyes

Wide set eyes can appear closer set and more attractive if you emphasize the inner eye area with color to draw eyes together.

Apply eyeliner pencil all the way across the bottom lid with only a tiny extension on the outer corners. Apply any strong colored shadow to your outer socket line, but instead of extending it up and out, angle it towards your inner brows.

Further enhance this line with a lighter shade on your inner lid and complete the look with mascara concentrating on your inner lashes.

Small Eyes

mod3_pic.jpgTo recognize this as your shape, there seems to be very little space between lashes and eyebrows, so we need to give the appearance of a much larger eye.

Apply a light color on the eyelid. Use a darker shade in the socket (or crease) of the eye and bring this color to the outer corner to lengthen the eye area. With dark toned eyeliner, outline the eye, intensify the color slightly at the outer edges of the eye, then slightly smudge. use a light highlighter along the brow bone to add width to the eye.

Deep Set Eyes

986857854_768ff6713c_o.jpgThis eye appears like a hooded eye. Place a light colored shadow over the entire lid, and apply a highlight color along the brow bone line. use a darker tone shadow and begin at the socket line and blend color out above the crease to recess the area. Use a small amount of eyeliner, in a thin line for definition only along the top lid and 2/3 rd’s along the lower lid blending towards the outer edge.

Asian Eyes

j0409311-777934.jpgAsian eyes have a minimal amount of eyelid space and are usually slightly wider then other eye types. Gently brush a light or neutral color over the eye area and blend towards the nose area. Using a darker shadow, apply it to the lid, starting at the lash line and fading the color upwards and out to the halfway point between the lash and the eyebrow. Apply eyeliner close to the lashes to give the appearance of thickened lash line. Line the lower lid and smudge to soften the line.

Droopy Eyes

Droopy eyes need to be lifted on all sides with the help of clever shading on the outer areas of the top lid. A little extra eyeliner slanted upwards on the corners and further blended and subtly extended with shadow plus extra mascara on the lashes.

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