The Incredible Q-Tip

Q-Tips Q-Tips are the ultimate beauty tool. The cotton swabs are perfect for removing, blending, and applying different types of make up. I always keep a jar full in the bathroom and an extra pack in the closet. They can be bought in purse packs, refillable vanity packs and the standard 500 count pack (family size). Q-tips are so versatile it is good to keep a pack in your purse in case you need some when you are out-and-about. These swabs can be used for lips, eyes, face and ears.

     For lips, they can be dipped in a translucent powder and applied along the edges of lips to keep lipstick from bleeding and it sets the lipstick. Can also be used when applying lip stains, use the Q-tip instead of your finger. For eyes, if you ever need a eye shadow brush just grab a Q-tip. It is great for applying shadow on the eyes. The brush is just small enough to allow for precision under the brow. You can dampen a Q-tip to remove any excess make-up that may have fallen under the eyes and it is great for removing “raccoon eyes”. It can also be used when creating a smoky eye by using it to smudge the color into the lash. A great pick me up is done by wetting a Q-tip and placing it in a plastic freezer bag, anytime you need it, a gentle roll under the eye will instantly get rid of puffiness. For face, apply concealer with the Q-tip using the spot technique and under the eyes to hide dark circles. For ears, I use them to clean and moisturize the contours at the top of the ear and behind the ear.

     These swabs are perfect for hard to reach areas when applying make-up. It can always be used as a make-up brush and as a make-up remover. A simple trick is to keep Q-tips in a small Ziploc bag with a small amount of makeup remover. Then you can use them through out the day whenever needed for touch ups or make-up corrections. These little cotton swabs are so handy, no make-up wearing woman should be without them.

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4 thoughts on “The Incredible Q-Tip

  1. It’s really a very simple bag contains all needful items for the touch ups through out the day. This bag impressed me and I am very happy to have this makeup kit along with me.

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