The best body shaper on the market is SPANX, Hollywood’s and my personal favorite. I buy mine off of Amazon and QVC. Spanx smooths away all the lumps and bumps of your body. They allow your clothes to lay smoothly over your body and create a more pleasing appearance. Spanx lifts your buttocks and sucks in your thighs, amazing isn’t it? It is a shaper that makes your natural shape look better while still being comfortable in your clothes. They are almost a necessity in summer for wearing under white or light colored pants, who wants to show off unsightly panty lines or thong ridges? No one, so get you a pair of Spanx.

     They come as bras, panties, camisoles, and footless panty hose; in lengths of knee high, thigh high, and above the ankle. Can also be bought as a one piece shaper. Boasted as confidence builders which make you feel and look fabulous. I predict every woman that tries one will want to own many. Wearing Spanx, you can have a tight bottom and a flat tummy without feeling squeezed or uncomfortable. Plus, no one will ever know you are even wearing one. It makes me wonder how we ever lived with out them.

      The Spanx line even offers clothes with built in slimming! You can give the Spanx Bod-a-Bing! Cropped Cargo Pants, Top and Skirt a try this summer. This brand even has Oprah raving about them. If Oprah wears them why aren’t you atleast trying them! C’mon join the Spanx movement!

If Spanx are too expensive for you, the creators have put out a budget friendly line available at Target called Assets.

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