Make Up Primers

makeup I never used to put any thought into primers or make-up for that matter. As I begin to age and notice little inconsistencies with my skin’s texture and appearance, I, like so many women, have began to look for solutions. Hence, I started to wear make-up. Then I started to hear talk of make-up primers. What were they, what are they used for, were the questions I desperately needed to know. So, after a lot of reading and asking around I have found out the importance of them, what they do and some good brands.

     Make up primers will make your skin more receptive to foundations and assist in reducing the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles and pores. Primers are excellent to use in the summer, which is fast approaching, because it sets your make up and keeps it from melting away from the heat. It, basically, keeps your make up from coming off. Everyone can benefit from using make up primers, whether you are 18 or 28 it will make your make up look and feel better. It’s like putting on socks with your tennis shoes, you can go without them but you look and feel better with them on.

     Many go on as a liquid and within a few seconds it dries and will feel like a silky powder. Primers aid in retexturing the skin to make for a more flawless finish. I like how when you use primers under your foundation it helps skin retain moisture and feel softer and smoother. Some good brands to try are Laura Geller’s Spackle, Bare Escentuals Prime Time, Arbonne’s Virtual Illusion Make-up Primer. It’s like creating a silky canvas for an even foundation application by just applying a little. A good primer should not add any weight to your make up, you should never even feel it on.

     When using primers, you do your normal skin care regiment then just add in primer before your foundation. So it’s moisturizer, primer, then foundation. How easy! I even go with just the primer when I just want to run out to the store or the gym. I put on a little primer, my favorite lip gloss and I am out the door….looking flawless might I add Thumbs-up. It really will make your skin look healthy and youthful. Another plus is, it makes foundation easier to wash off!

    Make your skin a smooth flawless canvas by using a primer and you’ll love the results you see, with or without make up.

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