pearls I can remember the last time I was in Hawaii, I was shopping in the street market and the pearl stands kept catching my eye. Pearls are so beautiful and classic, every woman should own at least a Pearl necklace and earrings. They personify class and elegance to me. Pearls, I mean quality pearls, can be dressed up or down, worn with an elegant dress or a casual outfit. Back in the day, pearls were quite expensive but lately the price has become more reasonable, it could be the economy Raised Eyebrow, but either way more reasonable.

There is a site,, who sells quality saltwater and Freshwater pearl necklace at a great price. Saltwater pearls tend to be your more expensive pearls, since they are grown in saltwater, by actual oysters. Freshwater pearls are grown in freshwater in mussels. That is the main difference between the two types of pearls. If you are searching for an item and are unsure of what you want, take a look at the Most Popular items, on this site. That will give you an idea of what you may like. I, myself, always the bargain hunter went straight for the Under $100, it’s like it called me when I first found the site Winking. They actually have a pretty nice assortment to choose from, usually companies would offer an earring in different colors or a ring in the under $100 section. If I was shopping for a gift, as I will be soon seeing as Mother’s Day is coming soon, I would make a Pearl necklace set using the items here as a gift. My mom would love meRed heart!

Since they sell freshwater pearls, which are available in more colors, you have a larger selection of colors you can choose from. They even offer a 5% discount for joining their “club”. Hey, I am all for a deal, but, alas, their links for the club doesn’t work , so I will hold off on that one. If you don’t have atleast a pair of pearl earrings you should get you a pair. Their beauty and class are well worth the little money you will pay. When I was younger I thought of pearls as something for my grandmother to wear, but with the changing times they have become more and more fashionable. Do you own any pearls?

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