Sun’s Effects

th_summer01 The thought of a sunny day can bring a smile onto almost anyone’s face. Playing and spending time out in the sun can be an enjoyable and stress relieving experience, if it is done correctly. Soaking up some sun used to be thought to be healthy, after all you get that gorgeous tanned skin…how can it be bad for you? The sun itself is fine, the overexposure and rays is where you get into trouble. Invisible rays, ultraviolet-A (UVA) and ultraviolet-B (UVB), cause the majority of the problems. Because there is no safe UV light, it is all bad for your skin and eyes. Too much sun can cause sunburns, wrinkles, age spots, and skin cancer.

      When leaving the house you should always wear a SPF Sunscreen of atleast 15. The higher the SPF number the better the protection from the sun. Sunscreen should be worn even on cloudy days. Many people believe they will avoid the sun by tanning at a salon. But most tanning salons use UVA bulbs which are even worse than being out in the sun. UVA rays go deeper into the skin and cause premature aging and skin cancer. UVA and UVB rays, although invisible, both cause suntan, sun damage, and sunburn.

      Some ways to protect yourself from the sun is to wear shades, a wide brimmed hat, and clothes that cover more skin. It is also recommended to avoid going out between the times of 10am – 4pm, these are peak sun times and you are more likely to get a sunburn. Harmful UV rays are worse during summer, at higher altitudes, and places closer to the equator. If you do get a sunburn, you can try cool, wet compresses, baths, and soothing lotions. When driving or being in the sun wear sunglasses, they filter light and they protect your eyes from UV rays. However, they can not protect your eyes from tanning lights.

     Beauty is becoming more and more important. Tanning is thought to signify healthy skin, not true. Tanning causes more trouble than it is worth; premature aging and skin cancer! At what price will we continue to pay for beauty? Why not try sunless tanning!?

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3 thoughts on “Sun’s Effects

  1. Don’t forget the UV protective clothing! Surfers have used rash guard shirts for years but it’s just recently that the SPF 150+ protection these shirts provide while you’re in the water has been discovered by the rest of the beach going population.

  2. surfer girl, good idea with the UV clothing. I didn’t even think of that! And I have those shirts, but I only pull ’em out on my trips back to Hawaii. Thanks for the comment!

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