Find your perfect fit Jean

jeans01 It can be hard to find jeans that look perfect on. There are so many brands, styles, materials, and color; just jean shopping can be a little disheartening for the most fit of us. I never have trouble finding jeans I like, the problem is finding jeans I like ON ME. QVC offers the perfect fit jean, where you can send in your measurements and then they will make them for you. That sounds wonderful, but when I want some new jeans, I want them NOW. There are few things you can remember next time you go out looking for that next pair of jeans.

     Remember not to settle, just because it is inexpensive does not mean it will fit your body. I used to shop on the clearance aisles first, then settle for whatever was cheapest and would do. Then I started to realize, I hardly wore those “el cheapo” clothes. But I am getting more wear and looking great in the more expensive ones. If you don’t find the jeans you like at the 1st store, continue searching, there is some out there that will look great on you. You want to look great in jeans, not just okay.

     Everyone’s body style is different. You want to dress for you, not for what looks good on your friend. A good jean on everyone is a medium width (skim right over your thigh), medium rise, straight or boot cut jean. Steer clear of jeans with too much going on, leave the butterflies on the pockets and the writing to the teenager. Once you get in your 20’s you want to look like a “grown up”, not a “teeny bopper”. Petite women can pull off wearing skinny leg jeans or anything that is edgy in the moment, this will keep you from looking like a young girl while showing your curves. If you are slimmer, you can pull off the low rise skinny jeans, straight or boot cut. Muscular/athletic body shapes look best in straight and boot cut. If you are pear shaped go for a low rise boot cut or flared jean for more visual balance. If you are more curvier (thicker) try a higher waste line or jeans with a built in hidden high waste, these will conceal the tummy and love handles. Jeans that are two toned will also make your thigh look thinner.

When you find a brand of jean you like stick with them. You can try other brands, also, but you will know you can always fall back on this particular brand and style.

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