Make Time To Put on Make up

mom makeup We all could use a little more time for this and that. But how do you find time to take care of your skin and put on make up when you are so busy? In between showers, cooking breakfast, running around with kids, taking care of your spouse, let’s see if we can make some time for make up. Well there are a few things, aka tricks, you can do to try and find more time in the morning.

     First thing, start a routine. Wake up, brush teeth, shower, (while the bathroom becomes steam free) get your clothes on, then do your skin care regiment and end with make-up. Good routine, but sticking with it may prove a little more daunting than you expected. You have to learn to prioritize and always be somewhat flexible, yet stick to your routine. So maybe you will have to have the kids in the bathroom while putting on your make up. Anything that works…works.

     A good thing to do to make sure you can get your make-up on  is to simplify. Simplify your make up application as much as possible. For an average day, just wear lip gloss, put on your eyebrows (if needed), and mascara. I like to use Bare Escentual’s Warmth, it gives me an even smooth skin tone. It is also very easy to apply, just swirl, tap and apply. Then I may put on a little eye shadow (warm earth tones), my brows (can’t leave the house without them), and my lip gloss. Four simple steps, take less than 5 mins. Keep everything you will need in arm’s reach of the sink, this will save time in the morning, you may have to do this the night before, if you have little one’s running around Winking. The key is to get your make-up application as simple as possible, to take the least amount of time in the morning. The quicker it is the more likely you are to do it every morning.

Looking good shouldn’t take up your whole day.

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3 thoughts on “Make Time To Put on Make up

  1. The routine that you suggest is exactly how I do my own makeup. But a lot of times I just stick in the house with a clean face and moisturizer on – emu oil is a great moisturizer, it is anti-aging, non-comedogenic, and anti-baterial. I wear the emu oil on my face until I go out, then do my make up as I have very sensitive skin that is prone to acne breakouts if I wear make up all the time.

    Imagination is the highest kite one can fly.

    Facial Skin Care

  2. I, too have sensitive skin. I may have to look into this emu oil. Where do you get yours from? I would love to try it!

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