Are they Lying?

There have been many movies made about people being able to read someone’s mind. The thought of knowing what someone else is thinking or when they are lying is something many of us wish we could do, but not have done to us Winking. It is interesting to know that there are some things that will show when someone is lying. Usually face expression and body language are a big give away that someone is lying. If you live closely with someone you may learn certain ticks they do to alert you of a lie. Then again, there are those of us who need  some help detecting lies.

      Some signs of lies are:

  • body language – they appear very uncomfortable, give no eye contact, and their body will usually face towards the door, touches the face, throat or mouth
  • emotional gestures and unusual expressions – they may give awkward almost uncomfortable smiles, tending to smile or giggle for no reason
  • defensive reactions and weird actions – a liar may get angry quickly, they may clean and move things around (almost as if searching for something else to do rather than deal with conversation)
  • happily accepts conversation changes – you can abruptly change the conversation and they will welcome it by talking on the new subject without mentioning the previous conversation.

These were some pretty easy ways to tell when someone is lying to you. But you really need to take into consideration the person’s demeanor before jumping to they are lying. If the person is naturally awkward and fidgety then this may not work in telling if they are lying, but if the person is usually calm and collective then starts exhibiting these traits, something may be up.

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2 thoughts on “Are they Lying?

  1. Yeah, there are usually ways to tell when someone is lying, unless they are one of the trained pathological liars…lol.

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