Every girls favorite product, or it should be!

Every girl has her favorite product she cannot do a day without. From must have makeup to skin care secret weapons, here’s this months product for the Arbonne product you will want to keep in your purse or on your makeup counter at all times.

Virtual Illusion Lash Enhancer. I wrote about this before, and I am still awed by the lashes that I never thought I would ever have again. Long healthy lashes are all the rage! Magnify your lashes with this science based nourishing formula that helps transform, the appearance of volume, texture, density and radiant shine in lashes. Strengthening and conditioning ingredients revitalize lashes, helping to prevent breakage and loss, and promote natural, longer, thicker looking eyelashes.

As we age we also tend to lose more lashes, until we have the appearance of having very short or no lashes at all. This product acts like a cement making lashes longer lasting and nourishing them encouraging the re growth of additional lashes. It truly is an amazing product. I have been using it for 1 month now and have totally seen a difference in my own lashes, people have actually commented on what type of mascara I am using and I do not use mascara everyday. It really is an amazing product.

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One thought on “Every girls favorite product, or it should be!

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