Running Late? Try this 5 minute face on

We all have crazy schedule I am sure. Trying to apply our makeup as we drive is not only illegal but very dangerous, for you and every other driver on the road. Before leaving home, try to find a spare 5 minutes and follow this regimen. I follow this because I am almost always running around like a chicken with its head cut off (do they really do that?) I will share my details with you, use these products or supplement with your own

  1. Arbonnes About Face Mineral Powder Foundation SPF 15 in your favorite color goes on first.
  2. Before Sun Bronzing Powder (my very favorite cosmetic product to date from Arbonne. Brighten the outer portion of your face including cheeks and eye lids.
  3. Arbonnes About Face Lip Liner and Sheer Shine or Prep and Plump
  4. About Face Eye Shadows in your fave colors. Neutral highlighting such as Heavenly, Shy, Chiffon, Linen, Merengue, Tulle, Satin or Ballet.

Viola! You now have a a fresh, naturally made up face in under 5 minutes! I better sign off, gotta run!

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