Cold, Healthy Treats to Beat the Summer Heat!

Summer has begun in many parts of the world. When I was a kid, the start of the summer season never fails to get me excited with thoughts of the beach, swimming, and anything fun under the sun.

Times have changed. These days, the sun don’t seem to be as fun anymore with all the threats of global warming, skin cancer and heat stroke. In addition, today’s sun can cause me a lot of headaches and lessen my productivity because of its uncomfortable heat waves! Sure there’s air conditioning and all the modern stuff now but for someone like me who has other bills to pay and who likes to keep the electric bill at minimum, it’s somehow costly to rely on the air con every single hour of the day.

So, what do I do when the summer heat really blazes to crazy levels and I have to cool myself? I indulge in ice-cold treats that not only refresh me but also complement my quest to have a healthy diet. 🙂

Low Fat Ice Cream

I love love love ice cream. I think it’s one of the best inventions in the world. I don’t know anyone who doesn’t like ice cream or hasn’t succumbed to the heavenly bliss of eating ice cream. It’s one of those universal things that people regardless of age or race simply adore. Having said that, we all know ice cream has its downsides. Commercial ice cream can contain really high amounts of sugar, fat and preservatives that we don’t need. Good thing the dairy masters all over the world created low fat, low sugar, and even sugar free versions of ice cream that are much more friendly to our health. But I think nothing beats homemade, preservative-free ice cream that gives you the control of what should go into it. For me, it’s all about minimizing the sugar, loading on the fruits and nuts, and voila – a guiltless comfort and cooling treat. I get my fix of calcium as well with the milk that I couldn’t drink in a glass.

Sugarless Fruit Shakes

Making ice cream can sometimes be a bother, especially when I want to have a cooling treat immediately but I have to wait for the ice cream to cool. So on other times, I make another one of my favorite treats – sugarless fruit shake! Nothing else could be so simple, so healthy, and so refreshing at the same time. I whip up shakes using beneficial fruits like green mango, banana, apple, and grapes. I also like to combine two to three fruits in a shake for one very yummy but healthy cold delight. 😉

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3 thoughts on “Cold, Healthy Treats to Beat the Summer Heat!

  1. Smoothies are my favorite and I add a scoop of a protein shake mix, usually chocolate flavored just to get some extra protein in my diet…YUM!

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