For centuries, women have been trying different hairstyles and colors. It seems impossible, at times, to find the style that is “you”. You see someone with a hairstyle you LOVE and so you run to the salon and get it and you look horrible. Why? Well, everyone’s face shape is different. You may have an oval face and the person with that Fab hairstyle had a rectangle…oops. Before choosing a new do, take into consideration your face shape and then you can pick the styles that will suit you, not Ms. Rectangle over there. The main face shapes are heart, triangle, rectangle, round, oblong, square or oval face.

     For a square face you want to have longer hair that falls about to the shoulders. Have some soft layers around the face. If you have short hair, rather than getting a weave, give your hair some height. The oval faced woman needs to limit the amount of hair in her face, this is considered “the best shape”, so show it off. A round face looks best with soft layers and height at the crown of the head to add height…not too different from the square face. Triangular shapes look the best in stylish, short hairstyles to draw attention to the eyes and hide the jaw line. If you have an Oblong shape, like I do, you’ll look best with medium to short layered cuts (although mine is long…lol). Heart shaped faces, you want to try your hair at shoulder length and make it full around the jaw to take away the appearance of a pointy chin. With this face shape, (along with triangle, round, and square) stay away from center parts, they do nothing for you ( I hate how I look in center parts, too, so add Oblong shape in their, too, for no center parts). For all of these, keep your parts slanted or off-center of the head.

     If you are not sure what type of face shape you have, drop into your local salon for a consultation. They are trained to know what would look best on you, so ask them what kind of hairstyles you should be focusing on.

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4 thoughts on “Hairstyles

  1. There is a great website from Instyle magazine where you can upload your picture and then place the hair of celebrities on your head to see what the style would look like on you. Kind of cool idea, this way you get to see it before you have it cut that way. 🙂

  2. Great article, I’ll have to check more of this. There’s too much great stuff here! I think that’s the 3rd of your post I read in a row, I I have to go now though. I’ll come back often now 😉

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