Eye Majic Instant Eye Shadow 10-pack Warm Shades

eye majic eye shadow I saw the most amazing, yet weird, make-up item today. Eye Majic Instant Eye Shadow was on QVC and it is so simple, when demo’ d on the the show. Now, I don’t know if any of you have seen this, but it is amazing. It makes me think of those nose strips you put on for snoring, only it’s on your eyes Hee hee.

     This strip has shades of eye shadow on it and you apply it over your closed eye and when you remove it….Voila….instant eye shadow. Cool idea. Even cooler, it actually seems to work! They come in a 10 pack with 5 warm colors. It is advertised as “giving the perfect balance of color on both eyes every time, leaving no room for errors”. Great idea, but I still wonder if it works the way they say. It seems too easy, so easy I am a little wary of it…but still interested in trying.

     So, in ten seconds you can have perfect shimmering eye shadow. It’s a time saver, I’ll give it that. I even read through the reviews to see if anyone had any luck with these, and not one bad review in the bunch. Everyone was raving about how they wish they had thought of it and how much they love it! Heck, for only 19.95, I guess I’ll give it a try!

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3 thoughts on “Eye Majic Instant Eye Shadow 10-pack Warm Shades

  1. I actually tried this just to see what it would be like cause it was so weird. I had read about it a while ago online. I had shadow all over my face. Worst part was I could not get it off, even with my eye makeup remover! It was hard to manipulate where you want to color to go. Still trying to remove it, thank god I have no place really to go except to my sons baseball game at his school. 😉

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