Bronze your way to a beautiful summer!

When I think of summer and the beach, among the images that come to mind are golden bronze skins tanned to perfection. It’s the season when everybody especially wants to have the perfect skin tan and not look all pale and translucent.

Clinique, one of the world’s best makeup and fragrance brands, has come up with a great collection that complements all the popular colors and golden glory of summer. It’s called the Long-Last Bronze: Summer 2008 collection. Featuring makeup and beauty products in shades of light browns to fiery metal, the collection aims women to shine and glow this summer with excellent beauty enhancers that do not run, fade, or get beaten by the sun.

Among the stuff that tickled my fancy are the following:

Long Last Glosswear SPF 15

One of my favorite and most needed make up items is lip gloss, because (1) it beautifies the lips like lipstick but is quicker to apply; (2) it moisturizes my always chapped lips, especially during summer!; and (3) it’s a great lip protector.

Clinique’s new line of lip gloss comes in not 5 nor 10 but 18 wonderful shades, so there’s a shade for anyone no matter the skin tone or preference. For my lips, more often than not I choose plum shades, and I’m happy to see Clinique has a Stellar Plum summer shade and the yummy-looking Juicy Apple shade as well!

Touch of Bronze™ Moisturizing Body Lotion

What better way to show off that hot body of yours than to have golden radiant skin that will make all eyes turn? The new Touch of Bronze™ Moisturizing Body Lotion of Clinique is more than prepared to help you achieve that, with its non-greasy formula that can have you look glowing and fab in seconds. It works great with the UV-Response SPF 30 For Body.

I’ve always loved Clinique’s pressed powders and fragrances but this time I’m definitely trying out the summer lip sheer and bronzing body lotion. All for the love of the summer. 😉

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