Getting ready for the Prom?

     Checklist  Dress, shoes, tuxedo, make-up, salon/barber appointments…check! Well now you need to think about what else you have to do to get readyThinking. There are a few things you need to remember to get done before prom night.

     First things first, Get a date. If you don’t currently have a steady then ask a friend or classmate. No sense in going alone, if you can go and have fun with a friend. Next, plan transportation. The earlier the better for this one. Whether you’re driving, getting a limo, or parent’s are driving; you need to have a plan.

     Make dinner reservations or choose a place to eat. This can be quite tricky because everyone else is also trying to find something to eat. So your best bet is reservations. If you wait too late and you don’t get the reservations, call around and find out just how busy places plan to be. You don’t want to be standing in the restaurant all night and miss the prom! For the guys, this is very important, get your date a corsage! I know it seems old fashioned, but believe me, no girl can resist flowers and a corsage is a prom staple. Make sure you find out what color dress she is wearing and get one to match. Call the florist a good bit ahead of time and make the arrangements to guarantee a happy prom date! Get your camera, smile and you are good to go.

     These are some things to help you on your way to the prom. Also read my earlier posts on The Perfect Prom Dress and Prom Make-Up. Have Fun and take lots of pictures!

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