Too much computer?

Ever had eye strains or headache from too much time spent on the computer? It seems everyone depends on the computer these days, but while it makes our jobs much more efficient, it may also affect our eyesight. Before you sit down in front of your laptop and prepare to spend hours working on that paper or presentation, make sure you keep in the mind the following general tips I read to avoid eye strains or blurring vision.

Turn on the lights.

A properly lighted room is important. The light from the computer monitor is never enough lighting, but remember that using the computer in too much lighting is as bad as doing it in a very dim or totally dark room. Make sure there is balanced lighting, one that doesn’t make you squint with brightness or edge closer to the computer screen just to make out the words. Experts say that the source of light must always be from behind your head and not in front of you as this is much safer to the eyes. Just make sure the glare of the lighting from behind does not reflect on the screen.

Increase the size of the text.

If the document of file you’re reading has very little text, don’t forget to adjust the settings. Constant reading of too faint or too small font can leave you with eye strains and blurring vision in the course of time. Computers and programs have settings in which you can adjust the size or any file, so make use of it to protect your eyes.

Beat the radiation.

Anti-glare screens cut out radiation from the computer. Radiation, as well know, is bad for us, as well as for out eyes. Another way to block radiation waves would be to wear glasses with anti-glare coating on the lenses.

Rest and stare at distant objects.

Working non-stop and staring at the computer for hours on end is one of the most dangerous things you can do to your eyes. Take a break at every thirty minutes at the least and rest your eyes. Close them for a while and then stare at a distant object to enhance focus.


Once in a while, make a conscious effort to blink your eyes. Sometimes we tend to get too engrossed and stare unblinkingly at the computer, which could dry up the eyes. Blinking allows your eyelids to wash your eyeballs with the tear secretion, keeping it moist.

Care to share other tips?

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