Vegan Make-up

vegan make-up Lately, I have been seeing more eco-friendly products. I started to wander about make-up products. I found out there are a large amount of vegan make-up products, I didn’t even know they existed. Sure, I knew about vegan foods but never thought about vegan make-up. The internet and magazines are loaded with vegan lines. The ones that stood out to me were Urban Decay, Monave’, and Sevi.   

     Urban decay has a beautiful Vegan line of make-up. Already raved about for their dynamic colors, now they have went a step further to create vegan make-up. They have always boasted about being a “cruelty free” company, well now they are really proving it. They even make it simple to identify the vegan products, simply look for the purple paw Winking.

     Monave’ has been making a conscientious effort to become an all vegan line. Although they are not there yet, they are well on their way. The only items that they offer that are not vegan are the cream to powders, eyeliner and lip liner pencils, and potted and liquid gloss. So you still have a wide assortment of great items to choose from Happy.

     If it’s an all vegan all natural line you’re looking for, well look no further than Sevi. It is 100% vegan, all natural, and hand crafted! They aren’t the cheapest make-up but, hey, what mineral make-up is. This is a great alternative for those of us who want to go all vegan.

     There are a large amount of vegan products out now. Start doing some research and looking around next time you decide to buy more make-up. Vegan just might be for you.

                               Make an impact, give vegan make-up a try!

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5 thoughts on “Vegan Make-up

  1. great post! i was so surprised to find out about the endless list of questionable ingredients in most cosmetics. afterglow has an awesome selection of vegan & cruelty free products. i really love their eyeshadows. and all natural! whats not to love.


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