Slim Shots

weight loss Lose weight by eating less. It’s that simple, well not actually, or is it? The thought of being able to just eat less to lose weight is a fairytale thought for some of us. We usually end up snacking all day or eating way too much, just because we feel a little hungry. Even worse, we get so hungry trying to “eat less” that we engorge ourselves and then are left feeling guilty and even more FAT! At the very thought of a diet I get hungry Pig, so sad.

A new product is out called Slim Shots, an appetite suppressor that makes you do just that, Eat Less. It states that it controls your appetite for up to 8 hours. Eight hours is a pretty good bit of time to be able to go without even a snack. Supposedly, you drink a little of this liquid (which comes in a container that’s the size of the single serving coffee creamer) and you eat 30% less food, without feeling like you are starving yourself. Also, it has no side effects, so no jitters. If it works, this is one awesome product. I’d like to see to try this product just to see if it will work. Eat less without being hungry, What a Concept. Count me in!

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6 thoughts on “Slim Shots

  1. Sounds like a great product. Generally dieting doesn’t work in the long run but a change in lifestyle and food choices will help you lose the weight and life better.
    Great blog and I like the pig too!


  2. Try doing a detox. By drinking key ingredients you not only cleanse your body of toxins that you are holding onto, but you also can lose weight. It may not curb your appetite although I must tell you, after you drink 32oz of water mixed with a detox (I use Arbonne Sea Source Spa Detox) and another 32 oz of straight water, you really are not very hungry! Check it out

  3. I think the combination of the product and a lifestyle change will help people lose weight. Slim Shots offers a starting point in eating less and eventually the habit ingrains itself.

    Americans have portion distortion, and if it takes something like Slimshots to help them fix that, then sure. Why not?

  4. I’ve been taking 2 Slim Shots a day for the past 2 days and can honestly say, I’ve noticed quite a differance in my appetite. I’m pretty excited about these!

    They aren’t cheap by any means though.

  5. I’ve been taking Slim Shots also and, while I don’t love the taste, I’m eating a whole lot less. Couldn’t be happier.

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