Virtual Nails!!

virtualnails What’s the next big safe thing in nail care, Virtual Nails. Boasted at having “no filing or drilling and virtually no damage to the natural nail bed”, these nails seem to good to be true. You don’t have to deal with the drills, dust flying everywhere while you try to protect your self by turning your head and they get to wear face masks (is it that bad for them, but not me?). No more dealing with strong acrylic smell or the horrible disfiguring of your nails once they are removed.

Another positive about Virtual Nails is that removal only takes 10 minutes, and that’s just soaking in acetone and lanolin. So, they are just as good as acrylic nails, offering the same look, but you don’t have any of the negatives and health risks as with the acrylics. An easy choice, right?

Of course, when I heard all this positive wonderful information, I was game. Virtual nails are exclusively done by Dashing Diva Salons and Stations. Then I found the only negative, there are no locations anywhere near me Sad. Oh well, for all you lucky women who have the privilege of having nearby locations, if you haven’t already…you must try them. Then let us all know your outcome and opinion of them.

–image taken from Dashing

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3 thoughts on “Virtual Nails!!

  1. The virtual nails are absolutely wonderful. I just got them done yesterday and they look superb. If you ask me, they look way better than acrylic. They are much thinner and look more natural. Also, not having to deal with the drilling and the smells is certainly not a myth. I can’t wait to see the results when I take them off. My cousin did them a couple of a weeks ago and when she took them off, her nails really did look untouched. Also, if you get them the length of your natural nail, they look so natural and shiny that you REALLY don’t have to wear nail polish if you don’t want to. It simply looks like you have clear nail polish on. I love it. Its just too expensive to do on a regular basis…. that is the only con. However, the experience is worth it. They treat you so well and the salon is so sanitary. They really strive to make you feel as though you are at home having a manicure party with friends, except Dashing Diva does a way better job. I know this is lonng, but I’m really excited about my virtual nails.

  2. Hi

    Love the blog, we have a site offering mobile nail technicians all over the UK.

    Stop by and leave a comment when you got time, tell us how we are doing.


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