Cellulite Tip

z20 The fashion and health market are filled with tons of cellulite reduction and cure-alls. Never finding any that worked, I figured there had to be an easy way I could start doing something for cellulite myself.

I learned in massage school about body wraps and how effective they are at helping the fat cells release the fat and getting toxins out of our body. The wrap I am most familiar with is a kelp or seaweed wrap. Now, you can go to a salon/spa and get this done or you can do it yourself. Doing yourself will end up costing a fraction of the price as going to a salon and you won’t have to expose yourself to any strangers. Instead of trying to by all the ingredients yourself and worrying about making a mistake, buy a body wrap kit. Here are a few I found:

These are a few that I found, but there are many out there. A good place to start is at your local spa store. Body wraps are very popular and have been for many years. Have you ever had a Seaweed, Sea Algae, or Kelp body? We would like to hear the effects you have experienced.

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3 thoughts on “Cellulite Tip

  1. Suffering from any cellulite problem should not be something that you run out and have surgery over and if you are considering doing so please make sure that you thoroughly research the risks first. Also make sure that you are going through a doctor that is board certified at what he does and always ask others who they might recommend. Cellulite can be reduced by changing some things in your life and doing things just a little bit differently.

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