Detox Diary

I have been reading a lot about detox programs and have inquired with my brother who is an acupuncturist in Seattle about various methods of detox sine he has done a bunch of them throughout his life. The topic was a pretty hot one for me for about 1 month, then I sort of lost interest in it for a bit…until last weekend.

Last weekend my husband and I attended a National Training Convention in Atlanta Georgia for Arbonne International. The company that I work for. As I sat there waiting patiently for the announcement about the new products line for this NTC I began thinking once again about a detox program having eaten so poorly while on this trip with a hectic schedule. Just as I was about to start eating the fries that I had bought because I it was not about 2 pm and I had yet to eat a morsel from the time I woke up, the program began with the launch of the new line…..a full detox program.

At first I thought I was hearing things, but when the image came on the screen I knew that indeed Arbonne had read my mind and was launching this new line of products! I took it as a personal sign from something more powerful then myself that indeed a detox program was in the stars for me.

After NTC I came home with my new detox products and started using them. At first I thought nothing more of them then another line of great skin care…..but about 2 days later after almost using my entire trial size samples up on myself, I realized that I was having an effect from using them. At first I thought I had a bug. Instantly I blamed an upset stomach from flying on the plane. Afterall, we all know that there are a ton of germs and illnesses floating around in the recycled air we breath in during the flight. However after speaking to another conference attendee, she too told me of her stomach issue and having used the detox skin products as well and she called Arbonne to see if those results could be from the skin care. Indeed they were. Since the skin is a direct link to the blood stream, the products we used were detoxifying us and we were hardly aware at all.

I figured if this is what it will be like, I will go the entire 9 yards and use the beverage detox as well. so I ordered it. When it arrived I stood the 7 little royal blue vials on my bathroom sink, staring at them for a couple days, afraid of being a slave to the toilet if I started them. Trying to check my calendar to make sure I would have time to dedicate to this detox program. I would need 7 straight days and a bunch of toilet tissue.

Being a big chicken I did some research about detox and found a bunch of articles on the subject. Then this morning I decided to bite the bullet and start. I proceeded to spill the contents of one blue vial into 32 oz of water as I read on the directions. I drank it all within about 3 hours. I then started on my second 32 oz of straight water. If the detox was the peeing part, I was good for that…all day! But I was waiting for the rest of the detox effort to strike and stayed around the house all day. Here I sit, the evening of, and still nothing at all different. So I figure I will keep something like a journal over the next week on the detox effort and let you all know how it is coming along. In the meantime, here is some info on the detox program I am doing.

It is SeaSource Detox Spa line of products from Arbonne International. Before detoxing, dry brushing is recommended. This removes old skin cells, stimulates the lymphatic system and draws out toxins through your skin. You should use a dry brush made of soft vegetable bristles. Before you take a shower, lightly brush your feet in circular motions towards the chest area for 2 minutes.

I just started using Arbonnes detox spa line and believe it or not, I have felt a difference in my energy levels. I am going to keep a journal of my detox experience and share it with you all, the good, the bad and the ugly. 🙂

Arbonnes product line contains 7 key products to help in toxin elimination.

Foaming Sea Salt Scrub – A gentle body buffer that lathers into a rich foam as it exfoliates the skins surface without disturbing the skins gentle balance. Some key ingredients are: sea, kelp, spirulina, bladderwrack, sea fennel, jojoba, and vitamins E and F.

5 in 1 Essential Massage Oil – Enriched oil infused with stimulating ingredients that help soothe the skin and deliver nourishing minerals, resulting in relaxation. Can be used as a bath soak, an air purifier, a facial steam, or aromatherapy. Key ingredients are sea kelp, bladderwrack, sea fennel, spirulina and jojoba.

Detox Rescue Wash – Gently washes away impurities on the face, hair and body. Blended with stimulating and detoxifying ingredients from the ocean. Protects against free radical damage and lays a moisture barrier on skin surface. Key ingredients include, chamomile flower, rosemary extract, sage leaf, plankton, soy protein and spirulina.

Sea Mud Face and Body Mask – Invigorate your face and body in a enriched sea that contains marine botanicals and detoxs the skins surface. Active Ingredients consist of spirulina, sea algae, kelp and plankton.

Sea Soak – Seawater is full of life and this soak is no different and extremely therapeutic. Sea minerals help to purify your skin and return the skins condition to the same as we were born with. The scent is very rejuvenating and gives a renewed sense if spirit and energy. Contains bladderwrack, sea kelp, sea fennel and spirulina.

Hair Mask – Potent botanicals that remove the evryday harsh toxins we encounter no matter what we are doing during our days. This hydrating formula helps to strengthen and condition the hair as well as repair and revitalize hair shaft. Provides a wonderful luster and is perfect for chemically treated hair. Contains sage leaf, rosemary, chamomile, spirulina, and shea butter.

Re-Mineralizing Body Lotion – An enriched formulation to help firm and tone the appearance of tired looking skin. Ideal for sun damage. Traps water into the cells and helps to keep skin hydrated. It is self adjusting so if skin is parched will add water to the cells to nourish and revitalize them. Contains sea kelp, imperata root, shea butter, plankton and Vitamins E and B5.

Renewing Body Gelee – refreshing properties, cools as it glides on skin. Ideal for sun burned skin or parched dehydrated cells. It restores the skins ionic balance. Contains green tea extract, vitamin E, butchers broom, algae and kelp.

The final step….7 day Body Cleanse Supplement – A cleansing beverage of detoxification that actually tastes good. An intense internal treatment that is gentle on your intestines and will not have to running to the toilet every 5 minutes. Marine botanicals infused into this concentrated treatment help stimulate, strengthen and support beauty from the inside out by assisting with gentle elimination and flushing out excess fluids. Contains Chlorella, blue green algae, red marine algae cascara segrada, senna leaf, aloe vera, rhubarb root and meadowsweet herb.

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6 thoughts on “Detox Diary

  1. Check out the new post on day 2 of my detox. It is going quite well I must say. cannot wait to see what my scale says at the end of the week!

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