Great Summer Heels

sandal heels shoes Women are always looking for a reason to buy new shoes, I know I am Batting Eyelashes. The change in the season is always a great reason, I use. Summer is coming and this Zapper Wedge is a perfect Spring/Summer shoe. It’s available in 2 different colors of black and white flowered fabric. At an affordable price of 29.50, would make a great addition to your summer wardrobe.

The Zapper would look great worn with jeans or a long flowing skirt. A good accessory to put with your favorite BBQ outfit.

steve-madden-multi-shoes This Steve Madden shoe, Blume, is also a wonderful choice for a summer heel. It just looks comfortable and stylish. When I first saw this shoe, I imagined it on with my DKNY jeans and a white shirt with a Blazer. I think that’s when you know it’s a must-have for YOU, you can imagine yourself in it (and have already picked out the outfit Hee hee). At a price of $139.95, it’s a little, make that a lot, more expensive than the Zapper, but it’s my first choice.

Summer heels are a nice way to start the upcoming summer months, which are sure to be filled with shopping, barbecues, and days out and about enjoying the weather. You might as well do all this while looking FIERCE…get your new summer heels now!

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