Day 2 of the Detox

And I thought I got away easy and needed no cleansing…HA! It all hit about 11 pm last night. I started using the detox cleanse late morning, and should have waited until right before bedtime as it was suggested on the box. But I knew better, right? Well since I started it so late, it hit about 11 pm and was not as bad as I would have thought. As I was sitting playing my nightly game of literati on yahoo, I had felt a gurgling in my stomach and ran! Ended up forfeiting the game. 😦 But that was better then what may have happened should I have finished. lol As I sit here sipping day two of detox I am debating leaving the house to run a couple errands.

The detox itself tastes a bit like tea that was heavy on the lemon. Its all of 32oz when mixed with the water in my pretty blue bottle. Then when I finish this, I have to drink another 32 oz of water. The thing is, had I started drinking before bed, I most likely would have ended up all night peeing if nothing else, so I started much earlier.

Tonight I may treat myself to a detox bath using the detox sea salt/mineral in the tub. It smells awesome, like a french spa I once had the pleasure of visiting. It brings back a bunch of memories. Smells do that for me, more so then anything else.

Gotta go run some errands before it gets too late! Will keep you informed on how this detox is going! Any tips?
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