Headbands, Back?

Polkadot-Feather-Headband- I have been seeing people wearing head bands and scarves for the last few months. Recently, I was in a retail store and saw aisles full of beautiful headbands and head scarves. It made me think, are headbands really coming back? Headbands/scarves used to be (still are) my loves. I felt kinda unique wearing my scarves or oversized bands. Now, it seems everyone is taking on the look.

Headbands come in many different styles, colors and materials; depending on your personal style. It’s so easy to just grab one and be gone, no thought about styling your hair. Scarves and bands are perfect for bad hair days, rather than wear a hat or a pony tail, slide on a band or tie on a scarf. They can even be dressed up or down, just look at the next awards show and you’ll see them gracing the red carpet. Headbands can come adorned with jewels and/or ribbons or just be plain for a classic look. Can also be used as a sweat guard while jogging, look fabulous while you workout Hee hee! Perfect for keeping hair in place and off the face during the most vigorous workout session. No matter your age, you can find one that fits your style and look great.

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One thought on “Headbands, Back?

  1. I love headbands, especially when driving in my convertible. Between my 12 yr old daughter and myself, we must have hundreds floating around! 🙂

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