Lace Wigs

lace wig Ever wondered how celebrities hair can go from short to long and still look natural? I always did. I had all kinds of crazy notions, from super weaves to camera tricks. Well there isn’t anything super or tricky about it. It’s lace front wigs. They are said to be the closest thing to your real hair. They are made of real human hair and are tied into a lace base, one hair at a time. Getting an idea of cost, yet?

Lace Wigs have a natural front hair line. They look so natural no one will even know you are wearing one. You can sweat, shower, perm and dance in it. It’s like your own personal hair. Lace wigs can last many months or years, it all depends on how well you take care of it. You can get them in many different styles and shapes or you can have one styled yourself once you get it. They can be styled as you would do your own personal hair. A great choice for anyone desiring a different hairstyle or length, like most women do Winking. Lace Wigs, huh…sounds like a girl’s best friend.

Now, the important part…the cost. Well they range widely in price from the hundreds to the thousands, depending on where you get it and the quality. Which the, “one hair at time”, should have been a clue of expense Hee hee. The information on this site is very helpful in learning more, but be warned….you may want one, I know I do Praying!

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2 thoughts on “Lace Wigs

  1. I am Rev.Paul Vangard and I will like to know if you have ..Lace wig..I will be Glad if you can E-mail me back with the Types,Sizes,Models and also the forms of payment that you Accept so that I can decide on what to buy.Please try and get back to me asap so that we can go from there.
    Kindly Regards,
    Rev. Paul Vangard

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