Levi’s Rewire

levis-ipod_jeans_couple1 These jeans were announced in 2006. I thought they were quite silly for adults, but could see teens “rockin” them. If you haven’t seen or heard of them before, what they are are jeans that are made for Ipods (literally). They have a volume control on the pocket and a hidden docking cradle in the side pocket. A redwire, hence the name, connects to your Ipod. It’s kinda weird, yet kinda cool if you are young.

Why is it so hard to just grab your Ipod out of your non-Ipod jeans and turn up the volume? This question must have been asked quite a few times because these were a total flop. Prices started at 250.00 USD and are now on sale for 29.98 USD. Quite a jump. But on a positive note, I love the dark wash jeans (just remove that ridiculous Ipod hookup). If you’re looking to get your teen or pre-teen some cool gadgety jeans….this is the choice for you. If you are looking for something for yourself, get a regular pair of jeans. A good try for incorporating the Ipod into jeans. I think I’ll stick with my Ipod Nike shirts…which are ooohh sooooo cool Cool!!!

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