The Scent of Chocolate

Many people would probably agree with me when I say that the chocolate is one of the best discoveries in the whole wide world. No other sweet can satisfy my sweet craving and make me hyper and happy as much as chocolate can and I’m sure it’s the same way for many women.

No wonder chocolates have gone beyond their edibility powers and crossed over into the fragrance arena, allowing all of us to smell and feel like chocolate anytime of the day. If you’re a chocoholic as well and you want to smell yummy all throughout the day, here are just some of the more popular chocolate perfumes and fragrances you might want to check out.

Chocolate Chip Cookie by Demeter

Want to smell like a freshly baking delicious cookie? The Chocolate Chip Cookie by Demeter is a great fragrance for you. It combines light and dark chocolate into an enticing and yummy smell. Get high with the flavor but take none of the calories.

Chocolate Covered Berries Insatiable Body Mist by Victoria’s Secret

This lovely scent from Victoria’s Secret is a sensual body mist with the attractive aroma of chocolate plus the fruity scents of strawberry and raspberry. It comes in a sweet package too! Definitely a great gift for a loved one or as a treat to yourself.

Chocolate Greedy Eau de Parfum Spray by Montale

Originating from Paris, this Chocolate Greedy Eau de Parfum Spray by Montale is an intense fusion of chocolate, cream, butter, and cocktail, much like a delicious, rich dessert. After a while, it fades off into a delicate, sweet scent that is still pleasing to the nose buds. You’re definitely going to get greedy on this one.

Covet by Sarah Jessica Parker

Bottled in a sleek and jewel-like green bottle, Covet by Sarah Jessica Parker is one long-lasting fragrance made up of a lot of leaves and greens combined with chocolate. If you like a perfume that doesn’t smell too sweet or too musky yet has a strong impression nonetheless, this one is for you.

Princess Perfume by Vera Wang

Created by famous Asian designer Vera Wang, the Princess Perfume comes in a lovely heart-shaped bottle. It has a sexy scent that mixes various herbal and fruity tones with dark chocolate. Leaning on the sweet aroma, the Princess Perfume by Vera Wang has been said to be much suitable for younger women, hence the name “Princess”.

Can you recommend a good chocolate fragrance? 🙂

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